The Proposition

Put simply, we meet, agree that I can help (or not), agree investing terms and or my Business Advice input, then crack on.

My skill set and experience comes from running my own Company and from acting as an Investor Business Consultant providing Business Advice – it’s all based on real life successes and mistakes.

Whether you decide to take an investment or not my assistance, in a number of areas, may be useful.

Business Advice Examples

you might just need someone to bounce ideas off or take on a senior management mentoring project. Or, you may want help with long term goal setting and formulation of a strategic plan – what about the shorter term budgetary process and target alignment?

Do you know what the current state of you business looks like? Would a top to bottom independent health check help? Is your business correctly resourced and are you getting the most from your employees and contractors? I can help with senior level recruitment and induction programmes.

My background includes selling and marketing – have you got concerns that your sales force is not performing or are you looking to grow this aspect? Is the marketing team communicating effectively with the sales people? Are you able to record, analyse and track sales leads and upsell effectively to existing customers?

Does the entire company know exactly what you are selling and have you created a ‘catalogue’ of products and services? Can these products and services be sold online and digitally marketed? How do you do this?

Have you got the correct business systems in place and are they integrated? Do you need a good project manager to temporarily take control of this and drive it through? Are there areas of the business which are under performing and which need trouble shooting?

Is there a lack of motivation in the company, do some people need re-invigorating? Are you using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to manage you business?

If a sale of the business is your objective, do you know how to ‘groom’ it for sale so that you achieve the highest possible price? You will also need someone to run the sale process – manage it, negotiate for you and liaise with all the legal, accounting and regulatory bodies.