About Me

The experience I gained from my time as Founder and Managing Director of Quantix gives me the ability to empathise with your day to day issues. As a business consultant I can also help with the long term direction of your business. I list below a few of the business consultant skills I have successfully mastered so that you can see more clearly where my initial input might be useful.

My Business Consultant Skillset

– Senior management mentoring.
– Long term objectives and strategy.
– Mid term planning and budgetary process.
– Current business health check.
– ISO:9001, ISO:200000-1 and ISO:27000 experience.
– Overheads management.
– Raising further finance.
– Recruiting senior employees.
– Sales, sales management, sales recruitment.
– Sales trading and coaching.
– Marketing, off line and on line (digital).
– Business systems advice, including CRM, websites, e-commerce, accounting, support desk and integration.
– Project management.
– Trouble shooting.
– Building and motivating teams.
– Setting and monitoring performance indicators.
– Succession planning.
– Preparing businesses for sale (Exit).
– Managing the exit process (Trade sale and MBO) by liaising with legal, accounting and regulatory bodies.

Briefly, I started out in sales, moved into sales management and then general management. In my early thirties I was promoted to a main Board of Directors position for a subsidiary of a Public listed company based in Leeds. I ran a Division of 300 staff providing IT services to mid and large scale businesses in the UK. Then, in 2002, as you’ve read on the Home page, it all changed when I founded Quantix as the MD.

If I thought I knew anything about business before Quantix it quickly became clear that I was wrong. Almost everything I now know about starting, running, growing and selling a business was learnt during the nine years at Quantix. This is why you will be able to trust me to provide growth capital and business consultant services and get on with helping you.