Lodge Business Consulting – What’s it all about?

I like to invest my own money in small businesses and provide high level Business Consultant Services to the owners and others who are looking to grow their businesses. I will get involved in your business by investing my own money and/or simply by getting my ‘hands dirty’ in helping fix problems. I’m not a business ‘coach’ who will come in, take no risk, charge you £1,000 a day for basic ‘text book’ advice and then leave when it doesn’t work.
“Dick has significantly contributed to an increase in turnover, during a 10 month period, of £500k and an increase in profits of £150k.” – Dave Rose – MD at MNA Consultants Ltd – www.mnahealthandsafety.co.uk

Me – Business Consultant

Richard Salmon

Dick Salmon

My name is Richard Salmon and I’m supposed to be ‘retired’. So why have I set up Lodge Business Consulting? I suppose to some extent out of ‘boredom’, but more because I enjoyed, in large part, growing my previous businesses. However, I don’t want to do all the work again which those businesses involved! Rather, this time, I want to help entrepreneurs overcome the same challenges I faced. This is achieved by working with them, as an investor, a right hand man and Business Consultant. I provide down to earth, jargon free, advice and deliver actions which I know through experience, will work.

I don’t have any trade body accreditations or professional coaching or mentoring ‘badges’, just been there and done it experience. This comes from founding a services business in 2002, Quantix Ltd – (www.quantix-uk.com), now Interoute Ltd – (www.interoute-iam.com). Growing it some, leading an £8m Private Equity backed MBO and growing it some more. Then in 2011, with turnover at £10m and profit at £2.5m selling it to Interoute for £22.5m.

What have I learnt?

What I learnt most during this process as the Founder and MD, is that you have to focus intently on what it is YOU REALLY want from your business. Not what you think you want OR WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WANT.

If you are running your business without a clear personal goal then it isn’t going to work – for anyone. Once you’ve got this sorted then there are a ‘million’ small tactical actions you need to take in order to maximise value. As YOUR business investor and Business Consultant, I can help. Simply as a sounding board right up to running your Board. Or by taking on responsibility for running business development projects or making the operational and people changes you do not have the time or experience to deliver.

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